My work has appeared in the following books:

'Voluptuous Velvet' (Double Trouble Book 2) by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

'Revisiting Angela Carter' by Rebecca Mumford (jacket image)

'Breakthrough' by The Contemporary Quilt Group

'Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World' by Martha Sielman

'CQ@10' by The Contemporary Quilt Group

"Horizons' by The Contemporary Quilt Group

'On the Edge' by The Contemporary Quilt Group

'Elements' by The Contemporary Quilt Group

Magazine Articles

"British Patchwork and Quilting"

Issue 277: February 2017: Six Years of Journal Quilting

Issue 276 January 2017: The Wonderful World of the Journal Quilt

Issue 274: November 2016: The Great Northern Quilt Show - review

Issue 271: August 2016: Splendid Shreds of Silk and Satin - review

Issue 266: March 2016: Quiltscapes and Quiltline by Pauline Burbidge - review

Issue 265: February 2016: Tablet Jazz

Issue 259: August 2015: Quilt Judging (contribution to Behind the Scenes at FOQ)

Issue 257: June 2015: Floral Primaries

Issue 227: December 2012: How Do You Know When to Stop?

Issue 214: November 2011: Storage for Circular Knitting Needles (project)

Issue 204: January 2011: Applique a Dictionary of Design

Issue 196: May 2010: Making the Most of the V&A

Issue 190: November 2009: One-Colour Still Life

Issue 176: September 2008: Mobile Phone Pouch (project)

"Stitch with the Embroiderer's Guild"

Issue 79: October/November 2012: Culture Clash

Issue 64: April/May 2010: The Splendours of Byzantium

Issue 51: February / March 2008: Felt as a Basis for Stitch

Issue 44: December 2006 / January 2007: Colour Discharge part 2

Issue 43: October / November 2006: Colour Discharge part 1

"Today's Quilter"

Issue 11(Summer 2016): Thoughts from a Quilt Judge & Joanna's Pointers (contributions to Quilt Judging: Behind the Scenes)

"Popular Patchwork"

May 2011: Floral Folk Art.