We love our dogs, but sometimes they make life difficult.

It isn’t always enjoyable to walk with a dog that is straining against the lead, and once off the lead it’s awkward if he or she doesn’t always come when you call. It can be embarrassing if your dog jumps up at visitors or growls at them, worse if people trying to be friendly get nipped, and dogs that bark incessantly at home or in the car can shred anyone’s nerves.

It is equally distressing if you suspect your dog is unhappy – if he is upset whenever you leave the house without him, chews up the place or messes indoors, or seems nervous or withdrawn and depressed.

I offer friendly and sympathetic coaching and support for behavioural problems including:

And if you are thinking of getting a dog or a puppy, I can guide you to the best possible relationship with your new companion.

Telephone : 01434 270918

Email: joanna@redevalleydogbehaviour.co.uk

Joanna O’Neill

Trained by Jan Fennell, ‘The Dog Listener’

Rede Valley Dog Behaviour