The method I teach, developed by Jan Fennell, is less a training discipline and more a way of building a relationship with your dog for life. Based on the way canines in the wild organise their societies, we will place the humans in the household firmly in the position of the decision-makers – not the kind of authoritarian ‘boss’ none of us would want to work for, but mentors who possess the wisdom and judgement to be able to keep the family – the ‘pack’ in the dog’s eyes – safe. After all, it is we humans who understand about traffic, fireworks and the post coming through the door!

Anyone who has seen a wildlife documentary will be aware that wild animals, whether predators or prey, live most of their lives in a state of calm, keeping adrenalin for brief moments of extreme danger. The method I teach will allow your dog to tune down inappropriate over-excitement, lowering his heart rate and enabling him to hand over responsibility, relax and enjoy life more.


Rede Valley Dog Behaviour