One-to-one consultations take place in your home, preferably with the whole family present.  All aspects of daily training are thoroughly covered, and every consultation is specifically tailored to the individual case.  It is therefore impossible to predict how long a consultation will last, but it is likely to be between two and four hours.  I am generous with my time, and will not leave until I am confident the time is right.

Towards the end of the consultation we will work together on drawing up a detailed plan of action specifically for you and your dog. Safety for everyone involved, both human and canine, will be a priority, and I will explain exactly how and why my recommendations will help.

Please note: The method I teach is not a ‘quick fix’; it is not ‘obedience training’ and it is not something I can do on your behalf.  It depends entirely on a dog’s owners taking responsibility for being the decision-makers in the household and communicating that fact to their dog, and that cannot be achieved in a day.  However, with an adjustment in thinking and commitment to carrying out the method, owners see change in their dogs very quickly.

After a consultation, if you need further support, please e-mail me.

Rede Valley Dog Behaviour