Like many people, I love and admire dogs, and over the years have discovered for myself some things that work when ‘training’ dogs and some that don’t.  It bothered me that so many owners resort to shouting or even smacking their dogs for behaviour which seemed to me to be caused by a lack of understanding on the dog’s part rather than any wish to offend, yet at the same time I knew I didn’t have a ‘magic’ answer – one that would help every dog and every owner to a better relationship.  I didn’t even know why my own methods worked.

In the meantime I discovered the ground-breaking techniques of Californian horseman Monty Roberts, the original ‘horse whisperer’, and set out to learn all I could about this quiet, non-violent and immensely effective way of handling horses.  In 2010 I was delighted to be accepted as one of Kelly Marks’ Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associates, and began a new stage of my life helping owners to a better understanding of their beautiful horses.

A love of horses is so often combined with a love of dogs; many of my clients told me, ‘This is so brilliant – do you do dogs as well?’ and I began to wonder whether I could.  When I discovered Jan Fennell’s books I realised that the method she had developed was right for me – hardly a surprise as Jan had in turn gathered inspiration from Monty Roberts.  A whole new programme of education followed, and I am now thrilled to be ablle to help as many people as possible to gain a deeper understanding of dogs and to use the same, safe, non-violent and effective ways to communicate with these noble animals.


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