What to expect


My aim will always be to empower you to to work effectively and kindly with your horse so that you can progress together as a partnership.

I shall always explain in advance how I intend to handle your horse and why; you can stop me at any time. When you handle your horse, I shall never ask you to do something with which you are not comfortable, and again, you can stop at any time.

I shall ask you to complete a registration form which includes information on your horse's management. If this can be done by email in advance, it will save time at the first visit.

For an initial visit, unless the problem is solely related to catching your horse or bringing him in from the paddock, it is best if the horse is already in the stable or yard. This also saves time.

We shall need access to a safe, enclosed area with good footing to work in. An enclosed manege or indoor school is ideal.

In most cases I shall ask to see you handle your horse for a few minutes so that I can assess you together. This need only be bringing him out of the stable, leading him across the yard and standing with him while we talk. I shall then give you an idea of what I can do and how I would set about doing it.

It might be helpful to remember that sometimes the visible 'problem' is in fact a symptom of a more general, underlying problem. Just as you would not ask your vet to 'stop my horse limping' but to find and treat the underlying cause of the lameness, so I will seek to identify and correct the underlying cause of any difficulties. Sometimes only one session is needed, sometimes more; and sometimes you might find it helpful for me to return at a later date to see how you have progressed and to take you further.