We called Joanna after taking on a loan pony as a companion for our Welsh Section D. We knew he had problems and a mistreated past and was very nervous around humans.

Having completed the IH Stage One courses I thought this would be good for both me and the pony, but I called Joanna, who showed me how to handle Jack and lots of different exercises and games to do with him. She was very calm, quiet with Jack, and explained everything positively and clearly, and when we were doing the exercises after her she really helped us be positive and let Jack understand that what we were doing was ok and there was nothing at all to feel threatened by.

Since her visit we have moved on leaps and bounds with Jack and he is now coming to us in the outdoor school and the field and showing he does want to be with us.

As I said, I had done the IH courses but needed reassuring that I was going the right way about it, and I would recommend Joanna to anyone who is having a struggle with their horse or pony. I really do believe in Intelligent Horsemanship for the way it helps both horses and people understand each other, and Joanna is an excellent Recommended Associate for them.

CS, Carlisle

The session was excellent. Joanna was extremely helpful and her explanations were really clear. My horse, Buddy, has loading issues in trailers and at the end of the session I felt a lot more confident, not only with handling Buddy, but also loading Buddy in a trailer. Thank you so very much.

DW, York

We already had a great relationship with our horses so I wondered how my request to Joanna for some ‘additional stuff to do with the horses’ would be greeted. Our horses have never been formally ‘broken’ so I asked if there were things we could do with the horses to help us be better communicators with them – things we could do with them to help us have a better understanding of their body language and to just learn whether and when they are happy, content, tired, bored etc and whether they actually trust us. Joanna implicitly understood what we wanted to do and supplied us with a tool box of games and exercises to do with the horses on the ground. We now feel so much more equipped to carry out simple, on-going training and communication exercises. 

We don’t ride them so our only relationship with them is from the ground. They are large cross Shire/TB/Clydesdales and Joanna possessed an innate understanding of their two different personalities and very quickly showed us the different approaches needed for each. Joanna instinctively knew how much it mattered to us and the horses that we treat them with absolute kindness and respect, and she works that way in any case. The horses liked her and understood her perfectly (we humans required more practice and patient tuition than the horses did).

I have no reservations about recommending Joanna to anyone who cares about their relationship with their horse. My only regret is that we did not find our way to her sooner as much fun and development could have been had. She is organised, punctual, professional and relaxed, and anyone with horses would be lucky to engage her services.

RB, Matfen

The sessions I have had with Joanna have been enjoyable, informative and very helpful developing the relationship between my pony and I. Joanna came well prepared to our first session, with suggestions to help specific issues we had, and the groundwork gave us lots of ideas to work on. Joanna took time to understand my pony and what I hoped to gain from her help. In our second lesson Joanna taught us to long-rein, which was so inspiring and something we continue to practice along with the groundwork.  Indirectly, our ridden work has improved as well. Thank you, Joanna, you have made things fun again, and we will definitely be asking you back.

JD, Hexham

Joanna came to my yard in York, which was very kind of her due to the distance. She is very friendly, patient and understanding. She was gentle and caring with my horse and had a constant stream helpful tips and tricks that I could use after the session was over. Joanna tailor-made the session to my horse's needs and made sure to teach me things I could put into place after, as having regular sessions would not be an option due to the distance. We covered many different areas, especially understanding my horse better, such as how using body language can help with all sorts of situations. I would highly recommend Joanna to anyone, her friendly, 'no pressure' approach and clear directions were invaluable.

DC, York

The sessions Joanna spent with Oscar and myself were pivotal in the former stages of socialising and handling what was a completely unhandled 6-month-old colt. Joanna used sensitive techniques to firstly help Oscar accept touch and then the headcollar and being led. By encouraging me to take the lead, the lessons and her subsequent advice left me able to continue his training alone. Oscar is now a confident and well-handled yearling who is enjoying being introduced to new experiences. I was thoroughly impressed with Joanna's approach and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wished to improve the relationship with their horse.  

RN, Gosforth, Tyne and Wear

I’m so pleased to have asked Joanna to help me with my young ex-racehorse. I’ve been on Intelligent Horsemanship courses but this was about correctly applying the techniques at home. Joanna is fabulous - she is clear, patient and thoughtful - I really enjoyed the session and we have had great results. The skills I developed while working with Joanna have underpinned everything I’ve done to help my horse adjust to her new life after racing - she has gained so much trust and is improving all the time. Thank you, Joanna!

JJ, Stamfordham, Northumberland

Joanna was lovely and the session was excellent - lots of forethought and reasoning on the day, tailored to my position. A wonderful day; I’m so grateful.

GD, Bootle, Cumbria

The session was marvelous, better than I could have imagined. I have a new relationship with my horse. I wish I had this insight with my previous horses, I  have certainly misunderstood them all. I can’t believe how much Joanna has changed our lives. I am more confident to lead my horse to meet spooky objects and situations I would never have dreamed of before our lessons.

JH, Amble, Northumberland

Joanna was in my yard within days of my ringing her and asking for help.  My horse had suddenly decided she did not want to load, despite all my best efforts she would only go into the wagon with somebody behind her waving their arms and shouting, and when hunting, I have to load her alone.  After only one or two sessions with Joanna I had a different horse, and now she literally tows me up the ramp! Quite remarkable, thank you hugely, Joanna!

JC, Cambo, Northumberland

Joanna visited me and my very frightened mare and gave me some life-saving tips and methods of working which enabled me to have the confidence to try to sort out my rescue horse’s issues.  This initial consultation put us on the right path and from there we have managed to progress to the point where we are getting close to backing. Without this input, I don’t really know what we would have done, as I had been injured by the mare and was losing my confidence. Just the simple advice of ‘don’t work at all with her in the stable but bring her outside, and always leave her an escape option’ was the key to building trust. 

LW, Hawick, Scottish Borders

The suggested actions seemed very natural to me and I saw an immediate change in my difficult horse.

DA, Bardon Mill, Northumberland

Joanna explained and worked in a very helpful way. Nothing felt rushed, no pressure was felt at any time. I have watched and read a lot about how Intelligent Horsemanship works but actually working with Joanna and my Ollie and seeing things fall into place is an amazing feeling.

CR, Chester le Street, Co. Durham

Gingerbread and I have just worked through a fantastic session on leading and backing (using ground poles) synchronisation and standing at the mounting block! There was a sudden loud bang outside and all he did was jump slightly and look up and I just softened my body and started walking the other way and he walked beautifully after me!

I am so encouraged by our session and can't thank you enough. I knew there was 'another way' and Gingerbread and I are both confident that I have found it and will keep learning his language!

SP, York

Just thought you'd like to know how Frosty the Exmoor is doing since your visit with us. I have to say that you working with her helped her immensely. Frosty is so suspicious of strangers that having someone like yourself being so calm and switched on with her seemed to be a catalyst to her accepting new people. I had been trying for a while to get her to the stage where other people could catch her and after your visit this progressed much quicker and soon Jodie was able to catch her in the paddock. She has now got a new home lined up with a lovely girl who has a very docile Exmoor that needs a companion.

SH, HorseWorld Trust

I had a marvelous session long lining him yesterday, it was awesome, better than I could ever imagined…at the end [after unclipping the lines] it was so wonderful, he just wouldn't leave my side, then I guided him through the same course off the lead totally and just asked him what to do and he did it, I wish I had filmed it!

EG, Reading

Brandy is such a nice natured horse now...He is an absolute joy to catch, and even if he is a few fields away from the gate when I call him, he whinnies and canters over…Thanks so much for all of your help.

EP, Hungerford

Your help was invaluable and both myself and Candy turned a massive corner.

SA, Reading

It was an absolute pleasure having your help with Milo. I'll never forget watching you do his first join up - what a joy. Moving him onto my new yard and not having a very upset little horse was real proof to me that it works.

CB, Four Oaks

Thank you for all the help and advice with the ponies. You are a wealth of knowledge and the ponies are both reformed characters now.

It is wonderful the way that you demonstrate, then guide me through the process (with great patience - thinking of my early attempts to catch Nightingale!!) all the time encouraging. I have learnt so much from you and it is such a pleasure working with you. The skills that you have taught are definitely established for life now.

VL, Reading

I've been amazed at how much my relationship with Kari has improved since I really started doing the ground work with her. It's quite fascinating … I've always liked schooling but hadn't realised how much fun could be had from the ground.

VP, Sutton Coldfield

I would like to thank you so very much for all the help that you have given us both. Words cannot express the confidence that we have both learnt from you.

DC, Tilehurst

Thanks so much for today, I feel more confident when I have a lesson with you.

KD, Reading

My horse was a sporadic loader. You showed me how small changes can make big differences, and when you are confident you are asking correctly, it gives the horse the confidence to come up with the right answer.

SC, Yateley