Clinics & Lectures


A two-hour clinic for up to four horses provides an opportunity to learn and have fun. At your own yard, we can focus on tackling problems from the ground, and the focus can be adapted to suit the participants.

Taking the Lead

Learn how your horse sees his world – and you! – and learn how to use his natural instincts to help you in your everyday routine, leading to increased trust, confidence and co-operation. A great way to start a new relationship or refresh a long-standing one!


Busting Spooks

Learn how to minimise your horse's anxiety when meeting frightening objects, and how to keep yourself safe while leading him past, over or through scary stuff including tarpaulins, balloons, footballs, flags and narrow spaces. The clinic can include any requested "nuisance" that can be safely and reasonably replicated in the school.


Lectures can be fine-tuned to a group's requirements. For example, I can give a talk about my experiences on the Intelligent Horsemanship courses and subsequent working towards certification as an IH Recommended Trainer, or one focusing on the principles of how I work using horse psychology and communication.

All lectures are both informative and, I hope, fun!

Suitable for classrooms, or outdoors perhaps with a horse.